Nov 02 2020


3:00 pm

All Souls Day Inurnment

Calvary Cemetery offers an opportunity for funeral homes and families to inurn human cremains they have in their possession. We have an outside mausoleum crypt space set aside to be used as a community crypt for these inurnments. We provide an annual committal to take place in honor of All Souls Day for the purpose of inurning people in a dignified way in this crypt.

This year the All Souls Day Inurnment is scheduled for Monday, November 2, at 3:00 p.m. with check-in time of 2:15 p.m.-2:45 p.m. for those who will be bringing cremains to the cemetery.   There is no cost for these inurnments. We only open this crypt once a year for these inurnments and the panel on the crypt will not include the names of those inurned there.  Families may purchase a brick/paver engraved with their loved one’s name to be placed on the ground by the crypt.  Information on ordering those will be handed out to families on the day of the event or you can call the office and request a form. The cemetery will keep a record of all who are inurned in the crypt.

An Authorization form is required before the inurnment.  The form must be completed and returned to the cemetery office by October 28th or the inurnment cannot take place. Call 402-476-8787 and ask for the form.

The event is finished.


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